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Addison Charley Vegas Smile

December 13th 2008 was the day I found out I was pregnant. I was 17 and Brandon was 21 We of course thought we had it all figured out and knew just what to do! When I was 8 months pregnant we bought our own house and got married :) decorated a pretty pink nursery for our soon to be bundle of joy. We were so excited! Well…when I was around 29 weeks they noticed I was holding extra amniotic fluid and I continued to hold that fluid until Addison was born I had an ultrasound every week until she was born also and NEVER did they see anything wrong besides extra fluid. I honestly believe God had a hand in that I am so grateful I didn’t know. God knew I couldn’t handle it at that time I know it was nothing my doctors did it was only God protecting Brandon and I.

August 13th 2009 at 6:20pm Addison Charley Vegas was born by c-section and was perfect ALL over :) even with her complete bilateral cleft lip and palate. I remember seeing her for the first time and feeling so sorry for her! Thinking why my baby? What did she do to deserve this? What did I do wrong? I didn’t eat any processed food! No caffeine! No fish! I didn’t smoke! I didn’t drink! I didn’t do drugs! I didn’t miss any prenatal vitamins! I remember asking my mom “What do I do Mom?” she said,”About what?” I said “My baby. Should i take pictures of her? should I let people see her?” Then I broke down crying. Now I can’t imagine not having pictures of her! I wonder what I was thinking! We did get alot of stares when she was a baby mostly from other children. Their parents also got some stares when they didn’t have enough sense to get their child away from mine since they were saying very loudly “Why is your baby broke?” “What’s wrong with your baby?!” with a look of disgust on their face. I know they are children but it was so hard to take. I have even had a child tell me Addison was and evil scary baby! Back to her first few days..(sorry about my slight rant) She was transferred to another hospital that was better equipped to feed her. It was about 45 minutes away from where I was. Brandon would go and visit her every night and I of course couldn’t since I was re cooperating from my c-section. When she was 2 days old she started vomiting green stomach fluids and they then transferred her Ochsner in new Orleans LA. They thought she had a twist in her bowels but it ended up being a mecconium plug which she later passed. But since they thought it was her bowels they only fed her by feeding tube those few days and when they did that Addison decided she would no longer eat unless it was by feeding tube. She was in the NICU 11 days. We went home the day after her due date and with her sucking down bottle after bottle thanks to the wonderful pigeon nipple! :) She had her lip repair January 2010 and her palate repair august 2010 and once AGAIN we came hom the day after her due date! Addison is now 21 months old and talks ALL the time :) She is the most beautiful,happy,sweet little girl I have ever seen :) She is done with surgery until around age 6 and they will start alot of dental work then. Brandon and I are beyond blessed that God chose us to have Addison.

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