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Brayden’s Smile

Brayden's Smile

Brayden Allen Seitz

My son Brayden Allen Seitz was born October 14, 2010. He was born with a cleft lip and palate. I was 20 weeks pregnant when i found out he was a cleft affected baby. I was a mess when i found out. I never really knew what a cleft was untill i found out my son was going to have it when. There were so many emotions i had to take on all at once and it was very overwhelming. As the time went on and with the ultrasounds i was having and was able to see his precious little face it had helped me get used to the idea of having a cleft baby. I did so much research and talked to his doctors as much as possible met with his cleft team to learn more and try and understand what it would mean to have a cleft affected baby. We were in the hospital every monday having a non-stress test, an amnio fluid check, and an ultrasound to check on him to make sure everything was going as planned. Everything went amazingly well only had one scare when i wasnt feelign him move for a few days but the stress test revaled that everthing was ok and he was still a healthy little boy.

We went to the hospital on October 12, 2010 to have Brayden(i was 39 weeks along). We started the induction process all was going really well within in a few hours i was dialated to 4 cm. After being in labor for about 24 hrs and still being at 4 cm they made the decision to break my water. Which helped me get to 5cm where my labor stopped and i no longer was progressing so about 23 hours after that i made the choice to go ahead with a c section to get him out. After being in labor for so long after my water being broke i had gotten a small infection which caused me to have a fever as well as some vomiting. The c section went amazingly well Brayden Allen was born at 12:16pm on October 14, 2010 after 2 days of labor. Brayden had spent the first night in the hospital in the room with me untill the next day they had come to my room and said theyd like to take him to be checked for a repitory infection because of the infection i had gotten. Fortunatley he didnt have anything wrong but they did notice he did loose some weight. He was 8lbs 13oz 21 in long when he was born and had dropped to 8lbs 5oz because he wasnt eating very well(a common thing with cleft affected babies). After that Brayden spent 4 days in the nicu to help him eat better and gain the weight back. On October 19, 2010 (my original due date) he was released to come home. Was an amazing day for all of us.

On December 15, 2010 Brayden had his first surgery. He was having his lip repaired. It was one of the toughest day i have ever had. I hated knowing that after handing my son off to the nurse my little boy would be forever different than the little boy i had fallen in love with since the day he was concieved. At about 1230 i had handed off my baby boy to go back for surgery and all i could do is cry because i never wanted to see that beautiful little boy change i loved him the way he was. The surgery took about 3 hours which actually went by really fast. I had Grandma Great Grandma Chris and Amanda there for support. I dont think i could have done it on my own. Brayden was a tough little man he was up and wanting to eat right away. They didnt expect him to eat much after surgery but my strong little man proved them wrong and ate 6oz right away. He only spent one night in the hopital. Me Grandma and Chris never left his side. He was discharged to go home around noon the next day. Was like taking him home for the first time all over again. I fell in love with his new smile all over again.

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