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Children’s Story Books


Katie’s Dream

Katie wishes to play the flute, but discovers that because of her cleft lip and palate, it is more challenging than she had hoped. With the help of her friend, Fay, Katie visits other children around the world who play different musical instruments, and who also have cleft lips and palates. She decides to learn how to play a different instrument for now until her palate is fully repaired and she can try the flute again.

Katie was, and is beautiful!

Belgian author, Mariette Vermeylen-Nuyts is a mother of a child born with a facial malformation and for years desperately searched for insight into her family’s plight. During her quest, she came to realize that not only parents, but also afflicted children themselves have a need for information and recognition. She could not find a single children’s book in Belgium that addressed this problem, so she decided to write one herself.

Mariette is the Chair of the Belgian Association for Congenital Facial Defects, VAGA vzw. This self-help group, established in 1992, has been granted the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Mathilde of Belgium for its outstanding achievements.

A Special Smile

“We feel this book is a great tool for parents, teachers and friends of children with differences or a special smile. It helps explain in young listeners and young reader’s words what a cleft lip and palate are. My hope is that this book is used before the cleft affected child is asked that natural question, “What’s wrong with your lip?” Educate the curious. Give classmates the information and explanation so they can also answer that question. We hope this book helps you as much as it has helped our son.” – Julie Graham



The Red Cat

Mindy was a loving cat. She loved to play and run, like most cats do. But Mindy was a little different. Mindy was a Red cat. Mindy felt she was no different than anyone else but it was hard for her to fit in at school. She needed a way to show her classmates she was the same as them. Mindy finds a way to reach her classmates and along the way learns a valuable lesson about being different, being the same and getting along with others, she will never forget. – By Nancy Fabian

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 SmileThe Surgery Book: For Kids  Arlo Needs GlassesOliver Gets Hearing Aids

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