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Infant Feeding & Supplies

Medela Special Needs Feeder Formerly Haberman FeederWubbaNub- Pacifier Ideal for a child that has a cleft lip and/or palate
Pigeon Bottle The Pigeon Food Feeder Bottle is a 120ml squeezable bottle with an attached spoon to assist with weaning or to use when a child has Feeding issues.Muchkin Soft-Tip Spoon Helps makes feeding easier for a child born with a Cleft/Palate issues.
Ross Feeding Nipple You can also call 614.624.4683 to order Ross Nipples.Snuggle Wraps Helps keep your child arms out of mouth and keeps the arms straight.
Zip N Squezze Soft-Tip Bottle Helps with Feeding ( Post Op- Feeding)Mead Johnson Bottle Mead Johnson Bottle is a soft squeezable bottle with long cross cut nipple. Pediatric Medical Solutions Tel (843) 762-6769
Fresh Food Feeder A great way to have your child learn to feed themself . Use fruits, vegetables and is easier to use than a fork or Spoon. Helps with Oral Sensitive issues.
Gerber® Graduates® by NUK® for Toddlers Fun Grips® Soft Starter Cup
Gerber® Graduates® by NUK® for Toddlers Sip & Smile® Soft Spout Cup
Medi-Kid Company Pediatric Arm Immobilizers are to help with giving your child support with keeping fingers and hands out of the child’s mouth while they are recovering from surgery.
NUK® TrendLine™ Dots
Learner Cup
TenderCare Feeder Soft squeezable 90ml bottle for use when syringe or cup feeding is recommended
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