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Working with Insurance Companies

Get organized, Be Prepared

  • Keep notes in a notebook on everything as it progresses
  • Get a large set of manila folders so you can divide up the insurance Explanation of Benefits by provider and organize from then on.
  • Write up a list of the various providers, their phone numbers, their addresses, and their office hours.
  • Make copies of your and your child’s insurance cards. Great to have extra on hand.

Working with medical providers and insurance companies:

  • All conversations with providers should be polite and professional.
  • Update medical providers on issues with insurance.
  • Take notes on each and every phone call and make sure to include the date, time and the person you spoke to (ask for full name and be clear you need a correct spelling of the name)
  • You have the right to challenge a denied claim, so if a simple phone call to the insurance company won’t work then move onto writing an appeal letter.
  • Medical providers may already have information typically used in appeal letter; give them a call to check and see if they could assist you with the letter.
  • When mailing an appeal letter, take a simple but important step of sending the letter certified with return receipt so that you can make sure that the insurance company got the letter.
  • Follow up on issues/questions/appeals often to be sure they are dealt with in timely manner.
  • Ask the human resource department of you or your spouse’s company to help you with insurance issues; some have ombudsman or liaisons to help employees.

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