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Items to Bring to the Hospital When Your Child Has Surgery

Everyday a child is having surgery. Our goal is to make sure we can have a list of helpful things to bring to the hospital for your child, we understand when a child is having surgery it is hard at times to know what is needed for your child before and after surgery. Our goal is to have a helpful list to make your child’s stay more comfortable. Your child and family is in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
Items to bring to the hospital when your child has surgery:
For You

  • Camera, you will want those last wide smile pictures!
  • Hair ties for parent or if your child’s hair is long enough for them.
  • Slippers or socks with a rubber type of sole. Even sneakers can bother your feet after 24+ hours of wearing them.
  • Change for vending machines.
  • Snacks,water and drinks. Once your child is in their room you may or may not get the opportunity to leave depends on the hospital, make sure to check rules before surgery date.
  • Comfy clothes and at least one other full change of clothes. Recommend to not wear white or light clothes as they may get stained and not come clean if your child has any bleeding.
  • Phone charger/Cell phone or a list of numbers of people you want to keep updating. MP3 player, laptop etc with chargers to keep busy during surgery. Books, cards,sewing projects, journal or any other projects to also keep you busy during
  • If you take medication, make sure to bring it to the hospital.
  • Breast pump if you’re pumping for your child.
  • Shampoo, toothbrush and any toiletries you may need.
  • Pillow and blanket.
  • Your own hand soap if you choose. Hospital hand soap is great, but to bring some
    comforts of home this may be good.
For Your Child

Most times kids will wear gowns most of the stay. To help make it more comfortable sweatpants work well under gowns. For babies, using a baby legwarmer will help them stay warmer but not make it complex to change diapers. Shirts should be zip up or snap, nothing that pulls over the head.
  • Sleepsacks work excellent for young babies.
  • Swaddle blankets work excellent as well for warmth and comfort.
  • Bring your child’s lovey, favorite blanket (or just a familiar one from home) or
    favorite toy for comfort.
  • If your baby is calmed by a crib toy, like a music or sound maker, bring that.
  • DVD player/laptop that can play your child’s favorite movies. Or see if the
    hospital is equipped with an in room DVD player.
  • Toys for babies that can be used while in their arm restraints.
  • Books,magna doodle, gaming system or puzzle book for older kids.
  • A list of the meds your child is on, it is often helpful to bring home meds too
    if possible.
  • Mylar balloon for little ones. It gives them something to look at or bat around.
    (Make sure the hospital allows it.)
  • Lift the flap books, even with arm restraints those are still fun ways to keep your
    little one busy.
  • Your child’s own formula or breast milk. Many hospitals use ready to feed formula, with tastes and smells much different then powdered formula. Your child will do
    better with what is familiar.
  • Ziploc baggies, wipes, antibacterial wipes, pacifier wipes and tissues.
  • Your child’s sippy or bottle to use post op (if allowed) and soap/brush to wash

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