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Jace’s Story

Jace's Smile

I have a daughter who at the time was 10, and I never thought I could have anymore children due to some female problems. In march of 2008 my mom found out that she had breast cancer. In July her pet scan brought it to our attention that the cancer had spread everywhere. It was then I knew my mom was going to die. Mom didn’t think she was dying she really thought that she would beat this horrible beast. I went to every appointment with her and it was draining. In October I got sick, really sick and my husband said you’re pregnant, I said no way. October 20th I found out I was pregnant. I had really mixed feeling I was excited, scared, in shock my husband and I had only been married 10 months. I love my husband so much that the thought of having his baby was incredible but my daughter is 10 and now I have to start all over. Well I told my mom and she was so excited and my heart broke, knowing that she probably wouldn’t be here with me when I had this baby. Month went by mom was getting worse and we found out we are having a girl. I really wanted a boy I already had a girl and I am such a tomboy i wasn’t sure I could handle another girl. I told mom I really wanted a boy. We had the baby shower early so mom could be there. Mom was not always in her right mind and often joked about talking to God about getting a grandson. 3 weeks before my mom passed away she pulled all of us kids in the room one by one and told us what she needed to say. We talked for a long time and before she finished she grabbed me by the hand and said ” I just want you to know that he will be special and I promise I will walk every-step with him he has to take”, I thought mom was just losing her mind. March 10th I had my 7th ultra sound done it was still a girl, at 6:29pm that very same day my mom passed on. That was the hardest day of my life, now I knew she would not be on this earth when I had this baby. My mom , my best friend and my kids grandma was gone. 10 days later I had another ultra sound done……… Well mom got her grandson after all and that same day we found out mom wasn’t losing her mind she was right HE is special he has a bilateral cleft lip.My doctor sent me to another doctor to see if we could find out if it was also his palette but we couldn’t tell. That day it hit me hard, what did I do wrong, why my baby, how were people going to feel about him would they make fun of him, how is this family going to live a normal life? My husband blamed his self, he was so upset. I started looking thing up, learning all I could, talked to people that had cleft babies, I soaked up all the information I could. June 11th 2009 at 10:58am Jace Owen Wooldridge was born 7lbs 19 1/2 in. It was the happiest day of my life and he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Everyone thought he was beautiful baby he had huge blue eyes. September he had his lip surgery scheduled. I really had a hard time with the thought of changing my perfect baby’s face. We had his surgery it went well until they pulled the breathing tube and he stopped breathing, but I knew mom was up there and she promised she would take care of him. They put the breathing tube back in and he was fine. We stayed in picu over night and got to go home the next day. Jace looked like he was in a bad bar brawl, swollen up, black eyes and stents in his nose. % days after we got home Jace’s face fell apart the only thing that stayed together was the pink part of his lip. I also fell apart, I didn’t want to change my baby in the first place then his faces comes apart what did I do? I took him back to the surgeon he said that there was nothing we could do but wait for it to heal and redo it. Now he is 14 months old healing great and September 20th we are having his palate surgery. He is my God send ,my strength and the very breath I breath. I have learned alot from him, he has taught me more than any one else ever could. I know love, patient, strength, and smile can make the best of any situation. My step mom and I have come to a conclusion…..When mom died she went to heaven demanded her grandson and since I was so late into my pregnancy God didn’t have time to complete him so that is why I have the most beautiful son. THANK YOU MOM!!!!


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