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Kaden’s Smile

I was born with cleft lip and as far as I know I am the only one with it. I always thought none of my kids will ever be born with that, Until November 5, 2010, My little son I had wanted my whole life came into this world after about an hour of all natural hard labor 8lbs 2oz 19 inches long and he came out and to my surprise he had cleft lip. I had an ultrasound but his hands were covering his face and my doctor said not to worry about it, the chances were not great. I was in shock I could not believe that he came out with cleft just like I did. I was not prepared for this, I was in tears crying for my mother. He was still as beautiful as I imagined the past 9 months but how do take care of a baby with cleft lip? How will I feed him? Then the doctor told me he also had cleft palate, which I knew nothing about. His Aunts on his dad’s side were also born with cleft palate. The hospital had to special order bottles from another town, I felt helpless trying to feed him we tried everything finally when it was time to go home he was on a feeding tube, I cried and cried the entire time I was in the hospital. Taking him home was hard, I was so scared of him chocking since he was always spitting up and it would come out of his nose and mouth and so much at a time and would gag. It was heart breaking, but as the days went on me and his dad were pros. But he was not gaining weight he was born at 8lbs 2oz and got all the way down to 6lbs! That was the hardest part, I was scared he was going to have to go back to the hospital. As it was planned before Kaden was born we were moving to Utah. After we moved we were put in contact with a feeding specialist who gave us Pigeon nipples and it changed our lives, no more feeding tubes, he started gaining weight finally enough to have his surgery. On March 29th he had his cleft lip and palate repair by the best surgeon Dr. Grant A. Fairbanks. He had explained to us that It was not going to be perfect and not to expect to much, surgery was sch to take 4 hours and took 7 ½ hours Dr. Fairbanks came out and took us in the other room and explained what he had done and how it had went and showed us pictures! Our son look perfect, His face was swollen but he had a perfect lil nose and perfect full lips! The doctor had out done himself, We were so happy, Healing went fast he was a new baby. The best part of his surgery was the weight gain! He is now 8 months old and 19lbs. He is a complete different baby! He is so loved by everyone. I cant help but have a special bond with him, due to the fact he was born just like his mommy! We are happy to announce we are expecting a little girl in October and she has NO cleft,But if she were we would know how to be prepared this time!

Kaden's Smile

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