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Kenleigh’s Story

Kenleigh's Smile

I was told many times, that I wouldn’t be able to conceive a child due to some medical issues. So, of course I didn’t think anything about ever getting pregnant. Brian and I started dating on May 18, 2004. Around June we decided to put in a fireplace in his house, and it took about a month to put in. It was mid July now and we decided that we were going to try this new fireplace out even though it was in the upper 90’s outside. It worked, and he was so proud of himself. One evening, he decided to light up the fireplace and I watched Brian fall to the ground. I lifted Brian’s head up and saw he had a stroke, and rushed him to the hospital. While we are at the hospital I was having major cramps, was really sick, but dismissed it because I thought it was stress related due to the fact my boyfriend just had a stroke. September, comes and I was at work and my friend Deborah just moved to the area, and wanted Brian to come over to hook up her washer and dryer. Deborah told me that whole week that I was pregnant, and I explained to Deborah there was no way, because I have had numerous doctor’s tell me that I couldn’t have children. That evening we decided to go to dinner at my favorite restaurant called “Goober’s 52″. I ordered a beer and ranch bacon cheese fries. I drank half of the beer, and a few fries and ended up running to the bathroom. Deborah said “I told you so”. We ended up leaving and going to Rite Aid to get a pregnancy test, and we went back to Deborah’s. I took the test, and Deborah was waiting outside the door, and I walked out and said IM PREGNANT. I could hear Brian drop whatever was in hands. He walked up and made sure that it really said I was pregnant. I took all three and all three said YES. I went in for my first visit and I was seven weeks pregnant, and everything looked great. After I left that appointment, I’ve never been so sick in my life. I was hospitalized 14 times during this pregnancy. I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and the lady said it was a girl. I knew it was a girl from the time we found out I was pregnant, and had a name already picked out. The ultrasound looked great, and no abnormalities showed. We ended up moving and I found a specialist here in my area, and I was 35 weeks pregnant at this time. I went in for my visit on Monday, and he asked tons of questions and did his exam, and told me he wanted to do an ultrasound on that Wednesday. The next day, my grandmother was having gallbladder surgery and I was in a lot of pain and was feeling horrible. Did I know I was in labor. That evening, I had enough and called Doctor Adam’s and he told me to come in to the hospital. I went in, and I was 3 minutes apart, cervix closed. That evening, they did an ultrasound and found that the amniotic fluid was extremely low, but he didn’t want to induce me to the following week. I went home, and came back the next Wednesday and he did another ultrasound and my fluid was extremely low still, nothing changed. He decided that it was time to induce labor. I called Brian at work and told him to get home and we need to get to the hospital by 6:30. Thirty hours later, at 1:01 April 15th, my precious little girl arrived.

Of course, as new mommies we are so excited to see our baby. Kenleigh was 5lbs 14.7 oz and was precious. They noticed that she wasn’t breathing well, and ended up taking her away to the NICU. At 4:30, Doctor Adam’s came in and told me that Kenleigh was born with a cleft palate. He explained that she was missing both the hard and soft palate, and that her heart value hasn’t closed, and she has an enlarged heart. That morning, we spoke to the head doctor on call, and he explained to me that he wants to send Kenleigh to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital because he feels that she will need a team of doctors due to her being born with a cleft, heart value not closing. We watched our baby being wheeled off. It was the most heart breaking thing in the world because there wasn’t nothing Brian and I could of do. Doctor Adam’s released me so I could be there for Kenleigh at Wake Forest. Brian and I got to Wake Forest and Kenleigh was there for one week. We found out that not only does Kenleigh have an enlarged heart, a cleft palate, but she was also diagnosed with Sticker Syndrome. I was so blessed that they sent us to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, they have a great Cleft Team there. In 2008, Kenleigh’s father had a heart attack and passed away and went home to the Lord. It has been such a struggle, but God has blessed me with a precious little girl. Being a single mom, is very challenging mostly with a special child, but I know If I can do all the things that I am doing in my life, that maybe I can inspire other parents as well.

Elizabeth Haney

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