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Kipton’s Story

Kipton's Smile

It was in December of 2008 that my husband and I found out we were expecting. We were so excited as this was our first child together and my little girl (my husband’s step-daughter) will finally have a baby brother or baby sister to play with!

I went to my doctor to confirm that the results of my pregnancy tests were positive and that they were! With that comes the monthly appointments which finally led to my first ultrasound at 22 weeks. My husband and I were anxious to find out what we were having. Family and friends told us what they thought we’d be having and the ultrasound confirmed that most family members were correct; we were having a BOY! Daddy will finally have his little buddy to play with.

As the doctor appointments got closer together, I was wondering when I’d have another ultrasound, but I never did up until the week before I delivered. Everything looked fine, so that was comforting.

My due date was on August 26, 2009, but I ended up having contractions a couple weeks early and a day or so after them, we were in the hospital at midnight and delivered a healthy baby boy at 4:52 a.m. It was at that very moment that we discovered Kipton was born with Cleft Lip and Palate. Hearing those words come out of my doctor’s mouth made my heart sink. My poor husband wasn’t really sure what that was, but I knew. I prayed every day that my baby would be born a healthy baby boy, and be perfect. I couldn’t believe that this happened to us. I looked at Kipton and felt so sad, but then I thought “he is perfect and so special.” Our family, friends and doctors reassured us that Kipton would look normal (for lack of a better word) in no time. We were told doctors perform miracle surgeries on Cleft babies all the time.

A few days after Kipton was born on August 17, 2009, we met with the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic in Lancaster, PA. The team of providers are awesome and so helpful and supportive! From there, we scheduled his first surgery to repair his lip. He had that surgery at 3 months of age on November 25, 2009. He looked like a new baby and was even more precious than he was with his big smile.

Currently, we’re getting ready for his second surgery in a few weeks on September 8th. He’ll have his palate repaired and will have to stay at the hospital for one night. I pray every day that Kipton will do well during this procedure and will recover quickly.

It’s comforting knowing that we’re not the only family that goes through this. Reading other children’s stories on here really helps and I keep telling myself that Kipton having to endure all of this will only make him stronger.

~Tracey Krick, Proud Mommy of Kipton

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