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Medicaid and Medicaid Waiver Program

Medicaid is a state administered program and each state sets its own guidelines regarding eligibility and services. Read more about your state Medicaid programs listed below.

You should apply for Medicaid if your income is low and you match one of the descriptions of the Eligibility Groups.  (Even if you are not sure whether you qualify, if you or someone in your family needs health care, you should apply for Medicaid and have a qualified caseworker in your state evaluate your situation.) – U.S. Human Services

Good health is important to everyone, Check it out today.First, all states differ on the requirements. Please search for your states link to the Medicaid programs and research the eligibility and requirements that may apply to you.

Medicaid is a program that does not pay you directly, but directly pays your health care provider for services.  In most states, if you already receive SSI, you automatically receive Medicaid.

Medicaid waivers also depend on your state. Each program differs by state.

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