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Paige’s Smile

Paige's Smile

Paige Alivia gave us quite a suprise when she was born.  First, off when we went in for the birth, birth certificates were all ready with the name Parker on the papers.  In fact, we had been told throughout the pregnancy that we were having a precious little boy!  So when Paige popped out, the doctor said, “honey, did you know HE had a cleft lip! He’s beautiful and they can easily fix this!”  With all the shock, the doctor didn’t notice until about 30 seconds after this that HE was in fact a SHE.  So many surprises arrived with the birth of Paige Alivia.  She was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. At birth, Paige also failed her left hearing exam as they told us she probably would with the unilateral on that side.  Paige was fitted at 5 days old with a NAM at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.  Her surgeon is Dr. Grundwalt! She is amazing with her!  Paige had tubes placed in her ears at 2 months old but it did not improve her hearing.  She had her lip/nose repair in January 2010. She had her palate repair July 16, 2010.  All of which went extremely well.  A week after palate repair, she finally passed her hearing on both sides! We were elated to get these results! The journey of having a cleft baby has been an emotional one.  However, with the help from new found friendships, we have been able to overcome every obsticle we have been faced.  Paige is a remarkable young lady.  She even learned to walk when she had the arm restraints after palate repair. She is back to eating what she did before and then some.  She has been a shinning light at the end of a what seemed, in the beginning, dark tunnel. We are excited to be celebrating Paige’s first birthday next Saturday with our family and friends.


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