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Bring a Smile

I, as a parent, as a supporter, the Founder and CEO of this network, realize how important it is for your family and friends to support you during a difficult time getting through your child’s surgery, but can you imagine what the getting the support of those you call “friends” through this Foundation would mean? We all communicate with each other, give each other that shoulder to lean on, so why shouldn’t we show how much we really care by sending those “strangers who have become friends” a get well card to or for their child who is going through surgery for either lip or palate repair- whether it be their first or tenth operation. Wouldn’t that be amazing…strangers reaching out to each other showing their support because we all have one thing in common: our child!

It’s all about One Card… One thought… to equal One Smile!

It is not about the money you spend on a card, it is about the thought and support. four surgeries in one month- that adds up ! You could be creative and print one out or even make it into a craft for you and your child to do together and let them know they are helping another child just like them! It’s about making people feel they are special, and that they have the support of other families going through the same thing.

The Cards for a Smile Launch is for theses dedicated, mothers, fathers, parents, friends, and supporters of the network to show and voice our concern for a speedy recovery from a repair surgery! We will all be going through this – if we haven’t already- and just imagine the look on the older children’s faces when they receive all of our cards addressed to them and it could be a way for them to reach out to another child and become pen pals or to bring a smile to the stressed out parent of a little one and know that you just made their day… and can offer a new founded support for them just by sending a card!


Enroll Your Child in the Bring A Smile Program

If you would like to have your child be a part of this program please tell us about your families up coming surgery and let us support you.

I agree to the Program Terms
I agree to share this information and that our families are able to send cards to the Address and information listed above

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