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Topics and Questions to ask your Doctor and Craniofacial Team

Preparing questions in advance for your family can be helpful.

So you have a  more meaningful discussions with your physicians regarding your child’s Craniofacial treatment options. The following questions related to cleft lip and palate may be helpful for your family.

Bring a Note Pad/ Pen to take down information your team shares with you about your child. So you can look back on all your notes, It is alot of information.  Take your time, if you don’t understand what your team is saying, ask your team again.

  • How severe is my child’s cleft or Palate issues?
  • How long will the Surgery Be for my child?
  • What other problems is my child likely to experience due to his/her cleft or Palate issues?
  • What specialists will be involved in my child’s treatment?
  • Will my infant require special feeding methods?
  • Can Insurance help cover the cost of my bottles?
  • Have you asked your doctor to use the Words (Failure to Thrive)(No sucktion) (Baby can’t Latch onto Breast)  To cover the cost of Bottles?
  • What surgeries will my child need to treat his/her cleft?
  • At what age can the surgeries be perform
  • How long will it take for my child to recover following these surgeries?
  • Can my Husband and I both stay the Night at the Hospital?
  • How soon will my child return to her normal feeding?
  • When do I need to follow up again with our Team after surgery?
  • Is there a Emergency Number I can call if I need to get a hold of the Craniofacial Team after hours
  • Will my child be sent home with pain Medication?
  • How long will He/she be on Pain Medication?
  • Will my child has issues will sleeping after surgery?
  • How long will my child have to wear arm restraints after surgery?
  • Can my child used a Special bottle after surgery,Sippy Cup?
  • What will my child’s speech therapy involve?
  • How much is my child’s scar likely to fade over time?
  • Now that I have had one child with cleft lip and/or palate, how likely is the birth defect to occur in any subsequent children?
  • Will my child have social and Emotional Issues?
  • Is there and families you can connect me with to meet for support?
  • Is there any Syndrome’s Related to my child’s Cleft or Palate issues?
  • What are the reasons for my child Cleft and Palate issues? What are the cause’s?
  • Is there any programs that can help me with my child?
  • Example Insurance (CSCHS)
  • Early On Programs
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • SSI Programs
  • Do you have Clinic Meetings or gatherings for families to meet the whole Craniofacial Team?


This was created by the Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Smiles.

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