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Rayina’s Smile

Rayina's Smile

I found out i was pregnant around the end of April 2009.I took 4 tests and still refused to believe they were true.I was 22 yrs old,I already had an 8yr old! My boyfriend was in a lot of trouble with the law,and i wasnt ready for another baby yet. But When Jimmy went to prison,about 2 weeks after we found out i was pregnant.I knew he wasnt going to be with me for this pregnancy,I fell in love with the tiny baby in my belly! I became obsessed with doing everything ”right”.At 18 weeks,My sister went with me to my first ultrasound.I was so excited to find out what i was having! They told me it was a girl! then the lady left called another woman in to the room,she looked at my baby,they started whispering,I kept asking whats wrong,whats wrong with my baby.They called some doctor to come look,and then finally told me that my little girl had a possible cleft lip.I was sent to a specialist almost 2hrs away.I saw 2 different doctors every month.My family doctor told me that i needed to think about getting a amniosenthesis and told me all of the ”common” birth defects that cleft baby’s could be born with.I was so scared,The specialist said the same things,I told them that i am not going to love her any less if she has anything other than a cleft lip and or palate,so i didnt care and didnt want it.The specialist did confirm that my baby had both cleft lip and cleft palate.and he also agreed to deliver her since the hospital knew more and had more then the one in my town.I made an appointment with the manager of the labor and delivery floor at my hospital.She assured me that the staff were able and knew how to feed and care for cleft baby’s.She showed me the Cleft lip and palate nursers.She was really convincing.So i was anxious to have my little girl at this hospital instead of the one almost 2hrs away.On December 23rd,2009 my little Rayina Morgan was born!When we were both cleaned up,The nurse brought her to me,handed me the bottle,and left the room.She didnt tell me how to do anything and didnt help.The bottle was just a normal regular bottle.When she came back cuz Rayina was still crying hysterically,She took her to feed her or to see if someone else did.The nurses knew nothing! Rayina cried most of the time because she was hungry,and no one knew how to feed her.So they kept her in the room with me.They let her stay in the nursery long enough for me to take a shower,and they brought her right back in.I dont know if they thought i knew what i was doing….but I had no clue! But i tried and tried and tried.We were released on Dec.25th.They sent me home with the cleft nursers but didnt tell me how to use them.Rayina didnt sleep longer than 30min at a time for the first month.We were at the Family Doctor every week to be weighed.When we saw the Cleft Team 2 in a half hours away,Rayina was 1 month old.The Team taught me how to feed Rayina the right way.She had her first Cleft lip Repair on April 19th,4 months old,and her 2nd Cleft lip Repair on July 16th,6 months old. She is the best thing that could have ever happened to me! She has made me such a better person! God blessed me with this angel for a reason,I am so thankful for her!!!

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