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Ryan’s Smile

Hi my name is Vanessa I was about 19 weeks pregnant with my 1st child when i found out my son had cleft lip and palate.He also had Gastroschisis which is some of his organs (stomach, intestine) to protrude outside of his body… the Dr. who told me my son had all this was very rude and uncaring he told me to just get rid of him and try again..i was so hurt and lost couldn’t stop crying and didn’t know what to do .. Because at that time I didn’t know what all that was and if my baby would be OK are even if he was going to just make it inside my tummy.. Everyone I told was half and half some told me to keep him others said no not to put him thru all this pain..But I just could not play god and end an innocent baby’s life. So I said screw everyone and I am having my baby boy with or without their help and if god wanted my son then so be it, and he will take him on his own time..throughout my whole pregnancy I was sick throwing everything i ate or drink-ed up always restless couldn’t sleep real bad headaches and I stared blaming myself that because I was always sick that’s why my son was the way he was in my tummy.. I had many ultrasound praying and hoping that it will go away and the doctors would say I’m sorry we scared you but your baby is fine.. But no it didn’t change.. But every time I would look at the screen i just knew he would be fine.. He would wave at me he would move around in my belly so much it would make me mad but at the same time happy and in love with a person I haven’t even met yet.. my due date was Oct.16.. i was planning his baby shower in Sept. but I wanted it too be sooner because I kept telling everyone that he was coming early. Everyone said no your crazy and sure a enough he did.. I was in labor for 2 days at home not evening knowing I thought I was just in pain once again nothing new cuz I was always sick.. I posted a lil status on facebook saying ugh in pain don’t feel good once again then one of my aunts from out of town told me “mija just go to the doctors just make sure”..

I said no I don’t see why I have to I have a Dr, appointment Wednesday and his baby shower is Saturdays. So I just hung up and took a shower then out of no wear I told my grandpa take me to the hospital.. When I got there I was already 3 to 4 centimeters I had just turned 34 weeks that day. They kept me they gave me medicine to try to stop me from having him..but that next day September 13 2011 at 8:14 in the morning i gave birth to a handsome 5pd 7oz baby boy… because of his condition I had to have a c-section and the hospital I was at didn’t have the right NICU so he was right away transferred to CHOC hospital in orange. Because of my c-section I didn’t get to see my son for 5days. Within 2 hours of being in the world my son had his 1st surgery to put all his small intestine back inside his tummy. It went great! He had to stay in the NICU for about month.. To make sure he can eat and poop.To make sure his intestine was working good. Before I even say him I would have dreams that I wouldn’t like him and that i couldn’t hold him or see him… September 17 the 1st day I laid eyes on him I fell in love!! I knew everything would be ok. And in October me and my husband took our baby boy home. And in months my son had his 2nd but 1st surgery for his cleft lip. The surgery went great! But when I saw him in recovery I cried I miss his lip. The way I met him… I wanted it back… My son is now 8 months and is doing great you can hardly tell he had surgery. His next surgery will be when he is 1 to fix his palate… He is healthy as can be and a lil fatty! I love him so much and I thank god for letting me have such a wonderful lil man in my life.

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