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Stachia’s Story

Stachia's Smile

It was November 2008 when I found out I would be having my first baby. As ridiculous as it sounds I didn’t think I was ever going to get pregnant, only because I was 29 yrs old when I finally did. Anyway, the only thing running through my mind was (I have to call my boyfriend and tell him we were having a baby) I figured now that I was pregnant it might just save our relationship after being together for over a year. Lonnie “the boyfriend” traveled from Tacoma, WA to Coeur d Alene, ID for my 20 wk ultrasound to find out if I was having a boy or a girl….. “It’s a GIRL, and she looks perfect, everything is normal” is all she said to my family and me there in that little room. I was so excited I was having a girl, it was what I wanted and I prayed for everyday, the LORD truly blessed me. So we all walked out of there excited and we just waited to meet our little angel face. So my due which was Aug 3rd came and went and finally the doctor’s said we are going to have to induce you cause she is going on a week overdue. So I was scheduled to be admitted in to the hospital on Aug 10th to start my inducing. I was in labor for 17 hrs before they came to me and said she is not coming out on her own, we have to do a C-section. So here I go off to the operating room to finally meet my little baby girl. Now let me remind you that when you have a C-section you are only allowed to have 1 person in the operating room. I don’t know why but I can take a pretty good guess that GOD had something to do with this, the doctors let my mother in the room along with my boyfriend. So here I am laying on this table thing, all druged up, crying and shaking waiting for these doctors to get this baby out and what I don’t realize is that they have already done everything and she was about to come into this world. All of a sudden I heard the doctor say something and not knowing then but knowing now he said we have a severe complete unilateral cleft lip & palate, 10 fingers 10 toes and very healthy, that’s all I heard and I think I went into a haze from that point on. I remember my mom walking over to me and looking into my eyes and telling me (Shannon we have a special little baby here) a 8lb 12oz special little girl. I didn’t realize how very special she was, I just didn’t understand. All I kept saying is what’s wrong, what’s wrong, what did I do wrong.. So in the meantime Lonnie was cutting the umbilical cord and cleaning her up, I lay there and just wait while the doctors sew me back together. At this point I felt so helpless and just wanted to see my little girl. I see Lonnie walking back over to me and he said to me” Please don’t get upset when I bring her over to you” and of course that upset me even more lol…. Finally he brought her over to me and all I wanted to do was kiss her tiny little face and tell her how much I love her. After everything got back to normal and we were back in the hospital room that’s when the obstacles began. If Stachia’s cleft had been detected in the ultrasound I would have not had her in the hospital I had her in, they would of had me go to Spokane, WA to have her. The hospital I had her at was not equipped for a cleft lip and palate baby. Basically they didn’t know what to do with her when it came to the feeding department, other than that they were wonderful. I had no choice but to buy every single nipple they made to see what worked for my daughter. She took to the Playtex natural Latch nipple for the first 4 months. In that 4 months it was very difficult because I was pumping and feeding and she was not getting enough to eat because she was burning more calories trying to eat due to her cleft. So at 7 wks old my Mom and I and the baby travel to Portland, OR to meet with a cleft lip and palate team at Shriners hospital. Stachia had her first surgery in March 2010 7 months old…. Stachia is going to be 1yr on Aug 11th 2010 and she is the most amazing person I could ever have in my life. She is truly a blessing from GOD and she has changed my life so much and made me a stronger person and mother in the little amount of time she has been here. She will be having her second surgery when she is 18months and that will be to close the soft palate. To end this story I would like to let you know I am a single mother of a beautiful little girl named Stachia, that was put in my life for a reason. Stachia’s father left when she was 4 months old and I have been doing this by myself ever since. We have not heard from him but a couple times. It’s okay though cause it only makes us STRONGER…………………… Love Shannon & Stachia McCart

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