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Zachary’s Story

Our son Zachary was born July 14th at 11:12 pm. He was 10lbs 22ins long. He was a big baby!! I was not able to get an epidural so I felt every contraction and I pushed Zach out all by myself! I was a very proud mommy! Zachary is our first child. He is the first everything for our family. First grandchild, great grandchild, nephew/niece. So Zachary is was a very big deal!

My husband Brian and I got married August 8th 2009. We started trying right after we got married to start having a baby. We were overjoyed and so excited to find out it happened so quickly.

My pregnancy was great! I had morning sickness all day all night for the first 4 months. That was the worst part of the whole thing. After the sickness all I had to complain about was swollen ankles. Pregnancy was an awesome experience. Every doctors visit, every ultrasound was an amazing thing.

We had many ultrasounds done and never did anyone ever tell us that Zachary was going to have a cleft lip and palate. When we got home from the hospital with Zachary I was looking at ultrasound pictures and you can totally see that he has a cleft lip, it makes me really upset to look at it now and I am able to tell that he has it, but the doctors never said anything to us about it. I could have looked up information before he was born.

When Zachary was born I remember the second he came out the doctor said he has a small cleft but it didn’t hit me at that second when I heard it. I was more worried that he wasn’t crying right away. Which right after I asked why isn’t he crying he started! It was music to my ears to hear that special little boy cry! It finally hit me when I could see the nurse cleaning him off in our birthing room. I saw that our baby boy was healthy, I saw a full head of hair, BIG eyes and then I saw his cleft. I started freaking out crying why does my baby have an owie over and over again. Brian, my mom, sister, brother, best friend, mother in law, everyone that was in the delivery room kept telling me he was beautiful. The doctor and nurses asked Brian if we knew if anyone is our family has ever had a cleft. Brian looked at both of our moms and they both said no. So then why did our baby have it? Then they explained to us that it happens out of no where for some reason. We are still not sure why it happened. The nurses then took Zachary into the nursery to weigh/measure him and the doctor stayed and explained a little bit more to be about a cleft lip and palate. He was telling me how it can be fixed and how it wasn’t my fault, he ensured me that I did everything right during my pregnancy.

When Zachary was 2 weeks old we were called and told that we needed to go see a feeding specialist. The feeding specialist told us that we were doing everything right and gave us some different bottles that we were able to squeeze so that he didn’t have to work so hard to get milk. He loves them! This week Zachary is 3 weeks old, we are going to our first appointment to meet all the doctors for his surgeries. We are excited and very nervous. We are not sure what to expect at all. There are all these questions going thru my head how, why, how are they going to fix it, how much pain is my little boy going to be in. That is why I am so glad that I found this great page to find out information and read stories about all these great families that have gone thru what we are about to go thru. Thank you everyone for that.

Cant wait till I can update our story about his surgeries and his recovery!

Heather Leifheit

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