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Code of Ethics

                                                Our Code of Ethics

Community – Love -Encouragement – Family – Trust (C-L-E-F-T)©


Our Mission is to educate and bring awareness to others around the world whose lives are touched by cleft lip and or/ palate and other Craniofacial anomalies by providing Support, Education, Advocacy, and Research.


Our Visionof the Cleft Lip & Palate Foundation of Smiles is to provide support for individuals and families with cleft lip and/or palate and other Craniofacial Anomalies.

  • Networking: Connecting and Building Relationships with families for a Lifetime
  • Educating: Providing Guidance
  • Advocating: Promoting Support
  • Researching: Collecting & Providing Information

Our Values are to…

  • Be supportive to every member within the foundations’ on line networks and website
  • Abide by the foundations mission to build strong relationships, support families, provide guidance and assist with helpful information
  • Respect everyone within the foundation regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, gender, race or political beliefs

When Fundraising, we will…

  • Organize fundraising in order to keep the administration costs as low as possible while maintaining a high level of quality control and high ethics standards in all fundraising activities.
  • Require that all donations and fundraising are  done with the express permission of the Foundation’s CEO and Board of Directors.  All funds are to be raised in a manner consistent with maintaining the tax free status of the Foundation.  All funds raised are only to be used to the benefit of those born with Cleft Lip and Palate and a Craniofacial Difference.

Foundation Policies require that the Foundation…

  • Maintain confidentiality of all members personal information and comply with all by HIPPA Laws
  • Provide the high quality of information and research to all individuals that within our foundation and our website
  • Protect our members from unsuitable discussions and explicit language or inappropriate within the foundations website and on line networks
  • Not give out medical advice. We do not recommend any particular team, doctor, hospital, other health care professional or any particular course of treatment
  • Provide our mission and goals  on our foundation’s website and on line networks
  • Our Foundation, Patients, Families and other users of this web site must adhere to our Privacy/Disclaimer Policy when using our site.

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