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Weimer Bottle Fund

The Weimer Bottle Project, created by Rachel Mancuso, CEO and Founder of the Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Smiles.

The Weimer Bottle Fund was created by Rachel Mancuso, mother of twins both born with Cleft Lip and Palate. The program is name after her twins Alfred (ULCP) and Michael (BLCP) Weimer, when I found out 4 months along I was excepting twins both born with Craniofacial Differences. I wanted to know about what was needed for my children. I knew that the Cost of Bottles are very high. There are a few bottles that are available like the Haberman, Mead Johnson and Pigeon Bottle. I contacted my Insurance Company asking if bottles were covered. They said, No at first. I was scared. How was I able to pay for these costly bottles? After my twins were born, I asked my two doctors to write a prescription that stated “Failure to Thrive”. I was amazed just because of a few words, like that it was covered. YES, I was very blessed that my insurance was able to coverage the cost of these bottles. But, many families everyday are dealing with their insurance not covering these costly bottles. Even with the verbiage I used. Each State is different with insurance coverage.

Our goal is to help families that are in need of bottles and deliver them at no cost. With your generous donation YOU will help provide bottles to families in financial need. Because infants with cleft lip or palate require special types of bottles, the expense can be overwhelming for many families. To make a donation please contact Rachel@cleftsmile.org Please state in the comment area Weimer Bottle Fund” If you don’t the donation will not go to our Weimer bottle Fund. We are excited about the development of the Weimer Bottle Project. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information. We are grateful to have your support.

Helpful Steps that MAY help your child.

Did you ask your Doctor to write a Prescription for the bottles your child needs?
Did you ask how he wrote the Prescription? Did it State “Failure to Thrive”.
Some Craniofacial Team even give bottles to your child at little to no cost. Always Check with your Team!!!!
Did you check with local Support programs in your area?

How Can You Get Involved?

To make a donation click on your choice of amount below. Thank you for making a Difference in our patients and families. We are also requesting that anyone that has additional bottles that they do not use please send them to us. Please contact Rachel@cleftsmile.org where we will provide you with a mailing address.
Thank you all who have made this program a success.

Are you in need of a Special Feeder? – Please click on our Weimer Bottle Fund Application below, save and print. Once you completed your application, please submit back either through Mail or Email. All Applications are reviewed within 3-5 business days.



If you are in need of special feeders, please download our Weimer Bottle Fund application.

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