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Speech Buddies


Speech Buddies are a set of revolutionary tools to help children overcome speech difficulties. By teaching correct tongue positioning for the five most difficult sounds – R, S, L, CH, and SH. Proven to work 2-4 times faster in numerous clinical trials.  Speech Buddies works best when introduced after surgery to close the cleft is complete. Speech Buddies have proven to be very helpful with children who have struggled with articulation due to cleft palate

Take a moment and Meet Lily and watch how she is using Speech Buddies. Lily and her Speech Language Pathologist are working together in Virginia. Lily Pathologist is practicing with her student Lilly who was using Speech Buddies after her cleft palate was repaired. Click on the Video below to see how Speech Buddies is being used after Cleft Palate repair.

A common speech problem that occurs due to cleft palate is called “velopharngeal inadequacy,” which is when the soft palate does not close between the oral and nasal cavities. This allows too much air to escape between the throat and the nose making it hard to pronounce certain sounds like “B” and “T” clearly. As well, other speech errors commonly occur and do not always go away after surgery, making a child’s speech hard to understand.



Speech Buddies-1We are so excited and pleased that Speech Buddies is partnering with The Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Smiles and offering a discount of 10% off any order for our patients and families.

Use the code GET10 at checkout to get our community discount.


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