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Thomas Lee Wallis’s Smile

Thomas's Smile

Well; My Son Thomas Lee Wallis; Is An Incredible child; To me my family and everyone who hears his story……..
At 28 weeks of pregnancy it was confirmed that our Son would be born with a Cleft Lip and Palate; As well he has enlarged Ventricles; So I returned to Valley Children’s Hospital for more Ultra Sounds MRI and testing. After all testing and research I was sent to Stanford‘s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto CA; at 36 weeks of Pregnancy for more testing; 4 days After My 28th Birthday; And 4 days Before My husband’s Birthday; My oldest Son Vaughn; My Husband Robert, My mom Barbara and Myself took what we thought was a one day trip to the bay for more MRI Ultra Sounds and Testing. Two appointments; 4 hours later; we were given a “break” to go get lunch. Within 20 min of leaving the MRI; My phone started to ring; within 5 more Min we had 3 doctors and a social worker at our lunch table informing that they confirmed that our son was going to have problems breathing once he was born. And they were admitting me to the hospital to run more test; and that they planned to deliver him at the end of the week.
It was found that our Son Thomas would be born with a very rear problem; something I never knew existed; yet alone pronounced; encephalomeningocele (en•ceph•a•lo•me•nin•go•cele : A protrusion of the ménages and brain through a congenital defect in the cranium, usually in the frontal or occipital region. )

Thomas's Smile

They did a few more ultrasound during the week there; I was informed that there was a possibility that he may not make it after delivery. As his Air way was obstructed; and they didn’t know and couldn’t tell how much it was obstructed.
I was taken back for my caesarean; by that the they were about to deliver there was 18 Dr’s and nurses in the delivery room and with many more outside in the hallway with every possible piece of equipment they might need.
9:41 am on Friday October 22, 2010 Thomas Lee Wallis Came out SCREAMING!!!!! The Dr’s were so relieved that he was crying; as that was the first sign that he would be ok. The ENT Dr’s been the first to get to look at him; and then came to me and said everything would be fine! They would let us get settled and be by later to see him and us and talk about the next stage of our plans. Thomas 6lb 6oz; spent the first 8 days in the NICU at LPCH we were released the following Friday night. We returned back to Fresno;
June 3rd was his first surgery at this time they removed a bone graph from the top of his head beside his natural born soft spot; and placed it in the base of his skull where at that place; they cauterized the encephalomeningocele and tucked it up into the skull and placed the Bone graph. 3 hours in prep and 7 hours in surgery; 3 days under local paralytics (to keep him paralyzed and asleep) Monday Morning they woke him up; that Friday he had done so well the Dr’s let us come home.
He is 1 of 50 known cases worldwide; with the first successful oral repair. He will continue to have care and surgery in Stanford as he will be evaluated and watched to make sure that everything closes and heals properly.

He is an incredible child because at 10 months of age; he has already accomplished so much! And will accomplish everything put in front of him; as he continues to have surgeries. He still hasn’t had any of his plastic repairs; but the Plastic Surgeon has him scheduled for lip repair on September 9th 2011; He is such a happy boy! And once his lip is closed; his big beautiful smile will be missed! All cleft babies have beautiful smiles. And god blessed us with the chance to see all of them in their natural and beautiful born self.

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